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Still operating, still saving lives!

The mission of God’s Resources has always been to empower men, women and youth with life-affirming options and support, and that is something we will continue to do especially when times seem so uncertain. We are closely monitoring COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and being diligent to prevent the spread of the virus, while still serving our communities.
In response, we have implemented new limits and protocols for our services. The health and well being of our clients as well as ensuring that our volunteers and staff are healthy too is our top priority. Also, many of our community pregnancy support services have been reduced and/or are not operating in the coming weeks. (I normally do not send out long “reads”, but please finish reading this email.)
In order to ensure the above client/staff standards, we are responding in the following ways:
  • We are phone pre-screening all clients for potential illness, recent travel and exposure to those who have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus or may have been exposed.
  • We have instituted new policies and procedures that address protocol for this specific virus.
  • We have given our staff and volunteers the option to serve or not to serve, as the Lord leads them.
While we will remain open until our local community and/or government officials tell us to cease operating, we are adjusting our protocol and limiting our services to those women and men who are in crisis and the babies whose lives hang in the balance.
  • Pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and client support appointments will be available to only those who are abortion determined or are undecided about continuing their pregnancy. Staff and volunteers are calling one day prior to screen all appointments for illness.
  • Parenting clients will be referred to other community health organizations and support services until the pandemic is over.
  • We will be operating one unit, three days per week at the locations that best serve the women who need our services the most, as well as to support the sidewalk counselors outside our local abortion clinics.
We know that in these uncertain times, it is absolutely critical that we provide a safe and welcoming place for our clients in crisis. Single women are particularly vulnerable to job loss and other emergency needs.
As much as we are able, we want to continue serving the most vulnerable with life-affirming services and we continue to rely on you to make that happen.
Unfortunately, we had to postpone our annual gala event that was scheduled for March 18th. This event is critical in supporting our operations throughout the year. We are in crucial need of your financial support to ensure we can continue serving the women and men in our communities now and in the months ahead.
If you are able, please consider making a gift today to ensure that we can meet the needs of the most vulnerable in our community. We have a very generous donor who in light of our gala event being postponed, has agreed to match your donation of any amount, up to $25,000. Please Donate Now!
There is so much we don’t know yet with the short-term and long-term impact of the spread of Coronavirus and we want to assure you that with this fluid pandemic situation, God’s Resources Board of Directors and I are in constant communication to make decisions as needed.
All of us at God’s Resources are so very grateful for each of you. Your support and contributions literally save lives. Just in the past few days, in the midst of this pandemic, three very brave women that were focused on aborting their child, chose life for their child while visiting our mobile unit. We remain committed to helping women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy to seek a life-affirming path by replacing fear with hope. It is in these moments of extreme anxiety and uncertainty that God is closest to us. We unite our little efforts to His surpassing efforts to empower women to make a courageous choice for life.
I pray for peace, protection and steadfastness for you and your families during this challenging time.
In Christ,
Angela Simpson
Executive Director

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