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She thought she wanted an abortion, then she heard her baby’s heartbeat

At 20 years old, I had to leave my school in New York due to COVID and come back to live with my parents. I was happy when I started dating my former boyfriend again. I was able to get a job close to home and I finally started feeling like I was living a normal life. My boyfriend and I continued our relationship where we left off and soon we were spending all our spare time together. My cycles are sporadic and I can go months without a cycle. When I began feeling nauseous one morning and getting headaches, I thought perhaps I had contracted the COVID virus. I got tested and was relieved to see my test was negative. My friend told me perhaps I should take a pregnancy test. I did and was disappointed to see it was positive. Things were going so well for me, I could not have a baby right now and change things up. As I was looking online for an abortion clinic, I came across Solutions Mobile. I called them and was told that though they do not do abortions or refer for them, they could provide a free ultrasound and that would tell me how far along I was. I was very interested in the pill abortion and knew I could only take it up to eleven weeks. I made the appointment. I had no intention of telling anyone, not even my boyfriend and definitely not my parents. The appointment went fine until I did the ultrasound. I was so surprised to hear the ultrasound technician tell me I was approximately 15 weeks along. I then heard the heartbeat loud and clear through the speakers in the bus. I thought I could not be responsible for stopping that heart from beating and decided right then I was going to keep the baby. I was resolved to parent and knew I would figure it all out. I knew my boyfriend and family would be supportive and I was looking forward to telling them. Before I left, the ladies on the bus prayed with me and gave me information on other resources I would need to support me in my pregnancy. I am so grateful to them.

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