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Planned Parenthood Closing!

planned parenthood
For 20 years there has been a concerted effort by Godly men and women to pray in front of the Stuart Planned Parenthood office for its closure.
Through inclement weather and harassment from the public, we remained faithful.
For the past year, a God’s Resources’ sprinter unit has been parked in view of Planned Parenthood every Friday and we remained faithful.
Our sprinters, Linda & Maryann
We encouraged and assisted those prayer warriors and additional volunteers to become an affiliate of Sidewalk Advocates for Life, a national organization focused on ministering to abortion-minded women and closing abortion clinics, we remained faithful.
God’s Resources facilitated a sidewalk advocacy training that was attended by those committed to closing this abortion clinic, we remained faithful.
During the past year, with a greater presence and increased commitment, a tipping point was reached…
God has answered your prayers.
We are ecstatic to confirm that Planned Parenthood will be closing their Stuart office and leaving Martin County in January.
.      .      .
But lest we rest, the culture of death is still at work.
We recently learned that Planned Parenthood has purchased a partially occupied building in Port St. Lucie near the St. Lucie Medical Center. We believe that they will build out the unoccupied space and resume their abortion efforts in St. Lucie County.
God’s Resources is working with the Stuart Sidewalk Advocates for Life to inform, mobilize and energize a pro-life response in Port St. Lucie. We are seeking to identify passionate pro-life leaders to train and assist them in organizing an effective counteroffensive. If you would like to become a part of the team in Port St. Lucie offering women in St. Lucie County a Life-Affirming choice, please contact Angela Simpson at or 407-592-7824 for information.

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