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Life Matters, First Quarter News

Through the Open Door Gala
Thanks and Appreciation

Mrs. Karmita Gusmano
Mrs. Lauren Lomangino

Our sprinters, Linda & Maryann

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1st Quarter By the Numbers
111 women served
76 pregnancy tests
58 ultrasounds
19 women undecided or seeking an abortion
8 women CHOSE LIFE for their child
72 parenting women received pregnancy education and community resource referrals
43 women received purity and STI education
27 women were open and heard the Gospel
15 women who chose to accept Jesus Christ as Savior or recommitted their lives to Him


Knowledge and Information helped Cynthia choose life!

(name changed for privacy)

Cynthia is a single mom in her late 20’s. She is working on a social services degree, works part-time and cares for her daughter. Cynthia had 4 miscarriages and did not think she’d ever have more children. After using Depo Provera (a birth control shot) she decided to stop using it. She was prepared for irregular cycles until her body adjusted. She began to feel sick to her stomach in the mornings and was extremely tired. After a home pregnancy test showed positive, she decided that rather than go through another miscarriage she would have an abortion.

Her boyfriend told her to call around and get information on the costs of taking a pill or having a surgical abortion. The first call Cynthia made was to Solutions Mobile Unit (our client services arm of God’s Resources) because we offer free services. While on the call she learned we do not do abortions, but an ultrasound was needed before she could have any abortion. Cynthia decided to make an appointment with us, since “she had nothing to lose.”

At her appointment, Cynthia learned she was 11 weeks pregnant, saw her baby and heard the heartbeat. She began to cry. She was asked if it would be easier to live knowing she had chosen to terminate her pregnancy or let nature run its course and leave the decision in God’s hands. Holding the ultrasound picture in her hand, looking at her baby, she realized that this baby was older than her previous miscarriages and that God should decide the future for her baby. Cynthia chose life!


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