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It’s twins!

At 28 years old, I was happy to leave the military and go home to my family. I had been stationed overseas for a long time and COVID did not help the anxiety I was feeling being away from my family. Looking forward to COVID being behind all of us. I felt like I had my whole life ahead of me with no ties or responsibilities other than to focus on myself. My menstrual cycles have always been irregular and even more so with the stress of the military and the pandemic. I have also been on birth control for way too long and my doctor told me that more than likely I would not be able to have children. So I got off birth control.  Living back home with my parents and in the neighborhood, I spent my teen years in, I was reacquainted with my old friends. During one evening with one too many drinks, my old boyfriend and I started up where we left off. So a few months later with no cycle, I figured it was because I was off the birth control and it was taking my body some time to get back to normal. When the nausea started up in the mornings and I was constantly feeling tired, my boyfriend suggested maybe I was pregnant. My response was “no way.” However, when I continued to feel worse, I thought perhaps I had COVID. After seeing a negative test, the nurse told me perhaps I was pregnant. So I took a pregnancy test and was shocked to see it was positive. No worries, I thought, I would have an abortion. No one would need to know. I was not going to be tied down now, of all times, with a baby when I was finally feeling free to live my life. I Googled abortion and Solutions Mobile came up. I called them and they explained to me what they do, their services were free and I was told how important it was to have an ultrasound first to see exactly how far along I was – especially since I wanted a medication abortion. Not telling anyone, I arrived for my appointment that afternoon.  I had so many mixed emotions driving to the appointment. I knew there were twins on my boyfriend’s side of the family. (What if I was pregnant with twins? Could I abort twins?) Also, I had told my parents who always wanted to be grandparents, that most likely I would not ever be able to get pregnant. They were very sad and understandably disappointed but were supportive and understanding. I arrived at the appointment and did another pregnancy test which was positive. I told the lady that was helping me I wanted an abortion and not to try to talk me out of it. She explained to me that she understood but just wanted me to make an informed decision and not an emotional one that I might regret.  I was so anxious as we began the ultrasound. I really could not see much on the TV monitor. The sonogram technician told me I was almost seven weeks along. Then with her cursor that moved on the screen, she explained to me what I was looking at. Then she counted #1 and #2 – twins. “Are you sure?” Yes, she stated, I’m sure. Well, that changed everything. I kept thinking about how happy my parents were going to be. How would I be able to live with myself aborting twins? Then I thought of my boyfriend and his family – how happy they would be! All of a sudden, I was so happy. Just like that, my future plans did not matter. All that mattered was I was having twins.





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