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How could I have another child?

A client’s story

At 32 yrs. old, working in the medical field and raising four children, I was not even thinking about having another child. I have had medical issues with past pregnancies and was told it would be very difficult to even become pregnant, so I was not thinking about it when I missed a few of my cycles. I took a home pregnancy test and could not believe it was positive. I took another and same thing. I told my
boyfriend that I had to have an abortion and he made it clear he was not going to support that decision. So I made the appointment with an abortion clinic near me and went to the appointment alone. They did another pregnancy test, and when that showed positive, the ultrasound was done. I was told I was approximately ten weeks. I asked to see the photo and the technician quickly showed it to me, but just
as quickly, took it out of my hands and told me to go into the next room to wait until I was called to get prepare for the procedure. As I was sitting there, I was very torn. I felt alone, sad and afraid. I had never had an abortion before. Without telling anyone, I quickly gathered my belongings and left. I needed more time to think about this.

In the meantime, my friend told me about a pregnancy mobile unit that provided free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, but I told her I had already done all of that. She encouraged me to call them anyway just to have someone to talk through my confusion with. I called, explained my situation and the receptionist said not to worry, they would do another ultrasound so I could see the monitor and receive photos of the ultrasound. I went to the appointment and was so glad they did not rush me or try to keep me from seeing the photos. We spent quite a while just talking through my emotions and how confused I was feeling. The women who helped me quietly listened and I was able to just pour my heart out to her without feeling judged. When I was done talking, she asked me very simply “Are you still confused? I said “No”. She then asked “What would you like to do?” and I said “Keep my baby.” I was feeling that way in the abortion clinic, but I just felt so rushed, like I had to make a decision right then. Before I left the mobile unit, I was given phone numbers and contacts to assist with everything from material goods, to pregnancy support. I felt really at peace and that I had made the right decision. I am so thankful to my friend who encouraged me to call Solutions Mobile Unit.

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