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Chose life, in the midst of uncertainty

I noticed for the last month that my 16-year-old daughter did not look well. I kept asking her if everything was okay and all she would say was “I’m fine.” I didn’t believe her. She looked pale and was not eating much. I insisted that she get tested for the COVID virus because I was concerned that she might have it.
When I told her I had made an appointment with our lab, she began to cry and told me she thinks she is pregnant. That was not at all what I expected to hear. I asked her how far along she thought she was and she said about six weeks. She had only missed one cycle. After purchasing a home pregnancy test for her to take, it read positive. My heart sank. I do not believe in abortion, but me being a single mom
in this environment now and all the uncertainty with COVID and the economy, plus she being so young, we both agreed abortion was the only choice.
With money being tight, I googled “abortion help”. Solutions Mobile was listed and the ad said their services were free, so I called. I explained to the receptionist about my situation and she explained how important it was to have an ultrasound first. She explained that they did not do abortions nor refer, but that the ultrasound would confirm the pregnancy and how far along my daughter truly was. I was glad that I was able to get an appointment the next morning. I arrived at the appointment with my daughter. The ladies on the bus were very understanding of our situation. When we began the ultrasound, it was clear from the television monitor that my daughter was not six weeks along – she was 24 weeks along.
There was a very large and moving baby on the screen and we heard a strong heartbeat. My daughter and I looked at each other and without speaking, knew there would be no abortion. It is going to be hard, but I am committed to supporting my daughter through this and taking care of my grandchild. We received information on pregnancy insurance and information about other community
organizations that could help our family. I am relieved that we came to Solutions Mobile first, before going to the abortion clinic. The ladies asked if they could pray with us and over us and we were both as grateful and comforted by their words as we left. I told my daughter we were all going to be alright and I truly believe that.

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