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Cherish God’s gift of new life

Tonie’s Story (*name changed)

Happily married for 10 years, and after many, many miscarriages having another baby was the farthest thing from my mind. Despite dealing with the COVID virus, both my husband and I are considered essential workers, so our financial picture was good. We have a teenager from a previous marriage and a toddler at home. Everything was going well despite the virus situation. My cycles are very irregular, but I started to feel very nauseous in the mornings. My husband suggested I take a home pregnancy test, which I did. I was surprised to see it was positive. We discussed what we should do and agreed I would have an abortion. It just was not a good time to have a baby. I knew it would be a good idea to have an ultra sound to confirm if I was pregnant and how far along I was. I was hoping I would be early enough in the pregnancy to take the abortion pill. I called Solutions Mobile unit because they were free and did not charge for the US. I understood they did not do abortions, but wanted to know what my abortion procedure options were. My husband accompanied me to the appointment and waited outside until we were ready to do the ultra-sound. The ultra-sound began and we very quickly saw a sweet little baby on the monitor. The technician told us I was 7.5 weeks.

After the ultra-sound was over, my husband and I sat with the client advocate who was helping us. I was crying. I explained that we knew it was difficult for me to get pregnant after all the miscarriages, so it did not seem right that God gave us this baby and just because the timing was not right to us, it did not mean we should end a life. Our advocate reminded us that God’s timing is always perfect, as He sees the beginning to the end. Nothing is unforeseen to Him. She asked if we had faith and did we trust God, we both said yes. We decided we would cherish this gift from God and are excited to tell our children they will be having a little brother or sister.

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