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Another Mobile Unit!

We are so excited to share with you our initiative to double the lives you are saving. We are adding an additional mobile unit to double the number of men, women and babies that you save.

Our news gets better. Several dear friends of God’s Resources have pledged up to a total of $75,000 in a Matching Campaign to help us complete this initiative. Any donation for this purpose which you make will be matched dollar for dollar, it’s impact literally doubled, up to a total of the Challenge. Your leveraged gift will make a difference in saving unborn lives.

Through your generosity at our Gala last January, we expanded our days of operation increasing the number of women served and babies saved. Your financial support also allowed us to recently purchase a brand new 2017 Mercedes Sprinter in December. Our new Sprinter has a smaller footprint than our RV and, consequently, will add greater versatility. It will fit in a normal parking space, and thus be able to reach women and babies in more locations. It also has a 5-year warranty to minimize expenses related to mechanical/electrical issues.

We have transported our Sprinter to North Carolina where it is being retrofitted to our specifications. We anticipate delivery in late March.

We appeal once again to your faithful support to make this dream a reality. The costs associated with outfitting and operating our new Sprinter are as follows:

     Retrofitting the Sprinter                                   $52,000

     Exterior wrap                                                          4,000

     New sonogram machine                                    24,000

    1st full year of operating expenses                   70,000


              Total                                                         $150,000


Our Sprinter will support a new, compact, state-of-the-art sonogram machine that can detect a heart-beat and clearer view of the baby as early as 5.5 weeks gestation. This will enable our mothers to hear their child’s heartbeat and see their form earlier in the pregnancy, incontrovertible proof that they are carrying a child in their womb.

We also plan to extend our region of service north into Stuart. We have our sights on the Planned Parenthood office in that location and are looking for the nearest available sight to park our Sprinter.