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Anna’s Story – Do the right thing

I never thought in a million years I would have an abortion. My parents always taught me to do the right thing. My father always told me “when you make your bed, you have to sleep in it.” I always looked down on women who would even think about having an abortion. I’m not perfect, but I would never kill a baby. Well that thinking works when you never think you would get into a situation where you would even have to think like that. After breaking up with my boyfriend and always being so careful with faithfully using a condom, I could not believe it when I missed my menstrual cycle – for sure once, maybe twice. My periods can sometimes be irregular so at first, I was not too worried. I took a home pregnancy test, it was positive. I still could not believe it. I just started a new job and in my third year of college – this cannot be happening to me. I am so careful about everything. I plan out everything. Confiding in a friend, she told me about another friend of hers who was able to get a free pregnancy test and ultrasound to see if she was pregnant. It was an RV type place. I asked her if she would call her friend to get more information and I would look them up. My friend quickly got back to me with the name and phone number for Solutions Mobile Unit. In the meantime, I was also able to speak to someone at the Presidential Women’s Center and told them I would call them back. They wanted me to make an appointment, but I told them I was not sure I wanted to do that just yet. I needed time to get the money for the abortion. I did not need a pregnancy test, but I was curious about the ultrasound, so I called Solutions Mobile Unit and made an appointment. The person who answered the phone told me that if I was considering an abortion, it would be one of the most important decisions I would make, and it should be an informed one. When I arrived at my appointment the women there were very nice and explained everything to me. I had a lot of questions about abortion and the woman who helped me answered all my questions and even went through the different abortion procedures with me, so I would understand the risks involved. I did not know there was a possible link between abortion and breast cancer – and that scared me. My aunt had died from breast cancer. However, one of the main reasons I was thinking about abortion had to do with money. When the counselor asked why I was thinking about abortion, I explained that money was a big problem for me. When she told me about Medicaid for pregnancy and how my medical bills would be covered, I immediately felt some relief. I had not even thought Medicaid would pay for that. She also told me about the pregnancy resource centers and their free services like maternity and baby clothes and diapers. I had never heard of pregnancy resource centers. We did the ultrasound and I was not 8 weeks as I had thought. I learned I was actually 12 weeks. I was definitely having a baby. There was no way I could even think about doing anything else. The ultrasound tech explained to me that the little flickering near the baby’s chest was the baby’s heart beating and she turned up a speaker so I could hear it for a second or two. I began to cry. I left the RV with lots of information along with pictures of my baby. The lady who helped me even wrote out a plan on paper with me as to what the first, second and third things I needed to do. I think the thing that helped me the most is that making that plan made me feel like I was in control. That there was lots of help for me, most of which would take a large worry off my head – money. I said to the lady who helped, me, that I am so happy to be able to do the right thing after all.  (Note: All names appearing in our Client Spotlight articles have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients.)