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A Father’s Choice

Many times, we forget there are three lives closely impacted when facing an unplanned pregnancy: the woman, the child in the womb…and the father of that child. We hear much about “a woman’s choice”, but what about the man involved? We often hear from the men we serve that they are in support of whatever their partner wants – “it’s her choice, it’s her body.” As client advocates, we will often ask the man involved when he answers in that way, “What if it were your choice? What would you do?” The response is usually quiet contemplation, with a side glance to his partner, and then he will say “I would choose to have the baby.” He does not use the word “fetus”, he uses the word “baby.” JC was one of these fathers. He came with his partner who was seeking an abortion. Viewing the ultrasound and seeing his child on the monitor, he began to cry, grabbing at the box of Kleenex near him. His partner was surprised at his reaction and appeared slightly embarrassed. During the discussion that followed, JC looked at his girlfriend and said “I do not think we should have an abortion. I think we should keep the baby.” His partner quickly agreed. JC willbecome a father for the first time in November 2017. God’s Resources understands that the father of the baby should have a voice. Our  staff and volunteers are there to encourage him to use it and give him an opportunity to be heard. (Note: All names appearing in this article have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients.)